Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Refashion!

I love the idea of taking something with potential and making it into something else.  My son was given these pants in a hand-me-down package...and while they have a cuteness about them-they just aren't my his style.  So, here is my version of a boys pants to jean skirt refashion

the starting product...cute denim w/ corduroy embellishment.

So, basically-I just hacked off the top of the jeans.  These were a 5T so I did have to downsize them a bit for my 18 month old
the first cut

I fiddled with the bottom for a while-I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted there.  But, I ended up with something of a ruffle.  A little 80's?  maybe.  But, isn't that style cool again?
and a little embellishment for the bum with some leftover corduroy
She's starting to be a little more cooperative for the camera.  She likes to pose and say "cheese!"

It's not my most graceful project ever..but I'm pretty happy that the pants that would otherwise not been worn now have found a new life!

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