Friday, January 22, 2010

What I've been up to

So, at the encouragement from some friends-I've decided to work on opening a shop on If you've never been to Etsy-it is like an international craft show and is loaded with some spectacular talent! This alone makes it an intimidating venture-but you can't win if you don't play, right? I just want to have fun, knit a lot, and maybe support my yarn habit a little. So, feel free to visit me at

Don't get too excited-there's nothing there yet!

I will concentrate on wool soakers/longies/shorties for cloth diapering (it is, after all, the reason I started knitting again)

And thanks to my dear friend Erica at Studio 45, I will probably be doing some infant accessories for photography props.

Of course, I'm open to custom work too if I have time so feel free to hit me up!

and now here are some things I've done recently:
Newborn hats for Studio 45 Photography

and a sling-used as a prop...I'll repost pics once it's been used for a newborn and not a stuffed bunny! I would have tried to cram my 9 month old in there-but I'm pretty sure that would have ended in disaster.

a pair of wool longies for cloth diapering

and my attempt at looking legit! I found a tutorial for the labels at

There you have it! I'll keep you all posted on my shop happenings (and all the other crafty stuff I have floating around in my brain!)