Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hello Chullo

We managed to hang on to fall weather here in New England for longer than normal. But, winter had to come sooner than later. So, Miss Ellie needed a winter hat!

Now appearing!

The magic of Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with my friend Erica Brown who I went to high school with. She is now a professional photographer, and I had the privilege of creating some knit items for her. I'm happy to say that my knits are now appearing at Studio 45 Photography Here is a sneaky peek!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scurvy Pirate

Arrr! This be "Talk Like a Pirate Day" I bring you the Scurvy Pirate Hat...

Fluffy Bum Alert

Part of the reason I picked up the needles again was to whip up some wool soakers to go over cloth diapers. After learning all the virtues of wool, and finding some gorgeous (and expensive!!) soakers available on the interwebs-I had a "hey, I can make that!" revelation. These are so fun, and they really do work so well!

flirty skirty

Curly Purly soaker done in Noro

Love these little capri's with ruffles

and a pair in yummy orchid Malabrigo

longies in chocolate and pink...makes me hungry for strawberry and chocolate ice cream!

I gotta get cracking on some new ones...she's outgrowing them almost as fast as I can knit them!

Cadet Hats!

I find it fitting for my first post to be about these Cadet hats. I made one for my son and everyone loves them! So, needless to say a few have gone out to friends!

My original cadet hat:

One for a little girl:

Even one for a grown up!

I'm still working on a couple that have yet to be photographed, but they are a fun & quick knit. I found the pattern here:
and raveled about it here: