Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Happy Belated Birthday!

I've never been one to, you know, be on time when it comes to loved ones birthdays.  They understand (I hope), and know I have the best of intentions (I do!  Honestly!)  So, when my dear Nephew turned 3 in March-his gift from me existed only in my brain.

My Brother is one who is passionate about all things mechanical (and rusty, and smelling of gasoline-but I digress)  He "rescued" this (previously owned by our Great Grandfather) 1941 Ford from our Grandfather's barn and has restored it to it's former glory*.

*while retaining some of it's "patina" as my brother puts it

it's restoration has become a family affair

that's my Nephew, by the way.  Here's a close up
How cute is he?

So, when I happened upon Made's 90 minute shirt and freezer paper stencil tutorials, I instantly decided that he needed a shirt for all those car shows this summer.
So, there you go buddy.  Happy 3rd Birthday (late)...hope it fits, hope you like it, and remember that Auntie Sara loves you!

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